WEATHER FORECAST: On track for a sluggish but mild pattern


The main feature will be what can come through the region (tracking a Canadian cold front) and scour out the cloudy and mild air.


This is not going to happen, with a sluggish surface high pressure system lifting the warm moist air and keeping the morning readings down into the 50s and dew points cooling near the overnight readings, allowing us to see continued morning fog and drizzle until daytime heating allows the lower stratus clouds to dissipate…  


The Canadian cold front will drape south and east and eventually stall across northern Alabama and Georgia Friday afternoon, not allowing us to cool. We will remain on the mild side of this front.  There will only be a brief line of light rain.


The extended is much of the same ebb and flow of cool fronts not quite making it through the region. Only mention of sporadic light rain here and there.

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