PHENIX CITY, Ala (WRBL)- A moment no parent wants to experience, both Chelsee, and Andrew Fielding, the parents of 19 month old Warren Fielding, devastated after receiving a call that their son had been attacked by a dog.

“I wasn’t getting any information. All I was getting was screaming from my grandmother, and my mom was not able to talk to me at all,” said Chelsee Fielding.

What was supposed to be a fun pool day at his grandmother’s home in Phenix City, took a dramatic turn when Baby Warren’s grandmother took him out back for a walk. That’s when he was attacked twice by what his parents claim is a Pitbull mix, which was owned by a family member who was also staying at the residence.

“My aunt lives on the property of my grandmother’s house, and her dog had attacked my son. My aunt had grabbed the dog, my mom wrapped herself around my son’s body, and she’s tore up pretty bad. The dog is strong, it’s a big strong dog and it kept breaking away from anyone who would grab it,” said Fielding.

The dog left baby Warren with multiple head injuries.

“So most of the damage is on the right side of his head here, he did some severe damage to the head up here, and there is some damage to the crown,” said Fielding.

Baby Warren is recovering at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. As for the dog, we’re told it’s been put down.