ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The lights are out at Tyler Dalton-Perry’s house as he sitting behind bars facing several charges related to elder abuse from events around November 20.

According to Enterprise police, Dalton-Perry is accused of prohibiting the victim, Ms. Perry, from having any visitors.

On top of this, he would threaten to shoot anyone who tried to help the victim by telling them he would “pop a cap” in them.

Police say he also kept the heat off in the house.

The accused also carried a pistol at all times, making the victim fearful of her safety in her own home.

The daughter of the victim didn’t say much when questioned by WDHN, but she did say she didn’t want to go on camera because her mother had been through enough and didn’t want to put her through more.

Tyler Dalton-Perry was found in violation of section 13a-6-194 of the code of Alabama 1975, which details what elder abuse in the third degree encompasses and the crime’s classification, being a Class A misdemeanor.

Perry’s is currently being held in the Coffee County Jail without bond.