HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Megan Green, a mother of three from Attapulgus, Georgia has been missing since Saturday, according to her brother James who saw her a day before she left home.

“I’ve heard that she was going to complete a job and she run out of gas,” James Green said.

Her boyfriend had been doing work on a home in Dothan, but none of her relatives are sure why she may have been traveling here when pulled her Chevrolet truck off the road and stopped in the WDHN parking lot Friday night.

She seemed tired, hungry, and distraught. Houston County Sheriffs’ deputies came out to check on her.

“The law said that she act like she was scared of something or running from something, I hadn’t talked with her,” He said.

Deputies followed her out of the parking lot but she didn’t get far. She ended up parking her truck a few yards away on the other side of the road.

Later that night, deputies picked her up again.

“And they took her to the Flying J, I guess for her to get gas,” Green said.

Her brother James went to the Flying J on Dothan’s southside. They showed him a surveillance video that captured her inside the store at 3:34 a.m. on Saturday.

He said she used other people’s cell phones to call him twice later that morning. He figures she was at the Flying J for at least five hours.

She had met someone in the parking lot getting off a Greyhound bus that let her use a phone to make calls.

“He was the one who called me and made me more concerned and he kinda threw me off guard with all of the personal questions come to find out he just got out prison,” Green said.

Obviously, James is more concerned with his sister’s whereabouts. Someone sent her $15 via Cashapp, presumably for gas to get home.

But he’s not aware of her making any purchases, and she hasn’t returned to her truck, which was still where she left it Friday night on the side of Highway 52.

“She may have walked off with somebody I don’t know she may have got in a car to get a ride to her truck, I don’t know,” He added.

They’ve filed a missing person report with the Dothan Police Department, but she is not listed on the website. The family is hoping anyone who may know anything will say something.

“I don’t know if anybody who has her against her will she has kids she needs to come home too, and I love her,” Green said. “We’re not gonna give up.”

WDHN reached out to the police but has not yet received a response.