EUFAULA, AL. (WRBL) – The vaccination effort continues across the country, and Medical Center Barbour has been rolling out vaccinations for people in the Barbour County area. 

From registration to vaccination to observation, the entire vaccination process only takes about 20 to 40 minutes. The clinic is administering about 40 vaccinations per day, all by appointment only. 

Thus far, the clinic has not had any patients experience negative symptoms from the first dose. 

“We haven’t had any terrible reactions or anything like that, and most of our patients say they can’t even feel it,” Katie Hopper, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Medical Center Barbour, said.  

They have already given out 240 vaccines, and are looking to expand their efforts as more doses come in.

“We hope to do more once we get vaccines in, we hope to double that number a day and we think we can do it,” Claudia Balkcom, RN with Medical Center Barbour, said. “We get people in and out of here really fast and we think we can do up to 80 a day pretty soon, hopefully.”

For some older patients, stepping out to get the vaccine is the first time they have been able to leave their homes and interact with people face to face. According to Balkcom, some have even stayed past their 15 minute recovery time to stay and chat, since they are finally able to have some human connection.

Upon vaccination, patients received stickers that said, “I got my COVID-19 vaccine.” They were additionally able to take pictures in front of a poster that celebrated their long-awaited first step toward returning to normalcy.

Follow up appointments for the second dose of vaccination are scheduled at the time of the first appointment. Residents of Barbour County can call the Central Scheduling Department to get on the waitlist for the vaccine.