UPDATED AT 11:40 AM: Randolph County Coroner Russell Shane Chapman confirmed to News 3 that the investigation led authorities to a home 30 miles from Lake Eufaula in Cuthbert, Ga. Chapman said the three dead recovered from Lake Eufaula lived at the Hood Street home. Chapman also said there were no additional victims in Cuthbert.

EUFAULA, Ala. (WRBL) – A car containing three dead bodies has been removed from Lake Eufaula as a death investigation continues.

A source close to the investigation tells WRBL News 3 that the bodies in the car in Lake Eufaula are believed to be connected a second investigation underway at a home located 30 miles away in Cuthbert, Georgia. Officials responded to the house, located at the 400 block of Hood Street, Monday afternoon. Investigators from the GBI have been on scene for several hours. They have put-up police tape and have been processing the scene. A coroner was also on scene at the home.

Details about how the two incidents are connected has not been confirmed by officials.

Eufaula officials received a call at approximately 7:00 a.m. Monday morning about a submerged vehicle in Lake Eufaula. When officers arrived on scene, they discovered a Blue Toyota in the water of the lake.

Chief of Police Steve Watkins confirmed three bodies were discovered in the car.

“Our officers arrived and did locate a vehicle that was partially underwater. We started the recovery process and realized that the vehicle was occupied and we ceased the recovery efforts at that time to start our investigation,” said Chief Watkins.

The bodies were found at the Old Creek Town Park area of the lake, where investigators are concentrating their efforts.

Barbour County Coroner Chip Chapman pronounced the individuals dead at 8:40 a.m. They were identified as Remona Hudson and her two children under the age of 18. Chapman has not yet identified a cause of death.

A local woman was there when police began to remove the car from the lake. Julie Taylor, who lives in the area, was out this morning animal watching when she saw officials working to recover the car. It was at this point that officials said bodies were in the car and asked on-lookers to clear the area.

“He walked over and at that point he looked into the car and raised his hands you know telling everyone to get back and then some of the park workers came around to where I was parked and told us we had to leave because there were bodies in the car. We left upon their request that we depart,” said Taylor.

Taylor was able to take some photos before leaving the area.

The State Bureau of Investigation, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s investigative unit, has been called in to investigate the case.

If you have any information on this incident contact the Eufaula Police Department at or their anonymous tip hotline at 334-687-7100.