Rescuer says puppy thrown from moving vehicle dies in Chambers County

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CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – The founder of an animal rescue and sanctuary believes a puppy was intentionally tossed out of a moving vehicle to his death. The Chambers County Sheriff’s Department and rescuer are urging the community to come forward and help combat a growing problem in the area, animal dumping.

For 15-minutes, the brown puppy felt love in the arms of rescuer Danyell Chambers, who named him Buck. Chambers saw the animal when she was driving along 431, just passed Chambers County Road 167, going towards 5 points. The puppy was laying on the side of the road, Wednesday morning around 10:30. Chambers, who founded Cookies Canine and Animal Rescue in Cusseta, Alabama drove back to get the animal.

” I driving coming down 431 towards Lafayette and I saw this little brown bundle of cuteness on the side of his road, half of his body was laying on the white line,” said Chambers.

Chambers turned around, scooped up the badly injured puppy up, and raced him to her vet.

“He had two broken femurs, internal injuries, trouble breathing. He was bleeding—road rash on his leg. I was trying to get him to survive, but the damage was extensive. It was just horrific. I did my best,” said Chambers.

Buck was humanely put to sleep. For Chambers, who brings dogs back from the brink of death, Buck’s death was devastating. She believes the puppy was thrown out the window on purpose. She takes comfort knowing Buck spent his last minutes on earth, feeling loved, and that the puppy didn’t die alone.

“If he had been hit by a car, he would have had lacerations, hair missing. I believe he was held up by his paws and dropped out a window on his back, and the pressure broke his femurs. The part that bothers me is that today our society has become so hateful that it’s almost like they hurt – animals and children for the fun of it,” said Chambers.

Chambers County Chief Deputy Richard Carter says animal dumping is an ongoing problem and urges people to report it.

“The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the problem of people putting animals out in the county is not a new issue but one that has been troubling our area for a long time. We seldom have anyone to come forward to file a report for us to begin any type of investigation. Given the opportunity, our Investigators and Patrol Deputies would invite the chance to make criminal cases against those individuals who put out, throw out, or in any way, harm or endanger those animals. The animals who are discarded in that manner are left to starve and many times become prey to predators,” said Chief Deputy Carter.

If you aren’t ready to fully commit and love an animal, don’t get one. If you do, please adopt and support spay and neuter programs.

“There are many people who can attest to the fact that rescued pets make the best little family members,” shared Chief Deputy Carter.

Carter says if you have any information on the incident involving Buck, please come forward. If you see any animal abuse, please report it.

“If you witness these types of activities, please take note of as much as you can i.e., tag numbers, descriptions of vehicles, individuals, and call the local law enforcement,” shared Chief Deputy Carter.

Meanwhile, animal lovers are urged to adopt or foster – support spay-neuter programs or donate food, time, or money to animal rescues.

“It takes time to network and gets dogs to safety. Rescues are full, and we are doing the best we can. It’s just heartbreaking for those of us who care so much about four-legged babies,” shared Chambers.

Chief Deputy Carter says agencies do care about animal abuse, and they want to help. They need the public’s help combating the abuse.

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