TROY, Ala. (WIAT) — During a stop at a Lockheed Martin facility in Troy, Alabama, President Biden touted the missiles being made at the plant and said the U.S. should be doing more to provide aid for the country of Ukraine.

Speaking directly to the Lockheed Martin employees, Biden thanked them for the role they’re playing in keeping Ukrainians safe.

“You’re making a gigantic difference for these poor sons of guns who are under such enormous, enormous pressure and firepower. Those Javelins I saw, there’s 10 for every tank that there is in Ukraine right now,” said Biden. “You’re changing peoples lives.”

So far, more than 5,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles made at the Troy facility have gone to Ukraine to fend off Russian attacks. Biden said the weapons are saving Ukrainian lives.

“In fact, they’ve been so important, there’s even a story about Ukrainian parents even naming their newborn child Javelin or Javelina, not a joke,” Biden said.

The President also urged Congress to pass a new funding measure to provide more aid to Ukraine and to ensure the U.S. can replenish its own stock of weapons.

“This fight is not going to be cheap, but caving to aggression would be even more costly. We either back the Ukrainian people as they defend their country or we stand by as Russia continues its atrocities and aggression,” Biden said.

Gov. Kay Ivey did not greet the President, but Congresswoman Terri Sewell did introduce Biden before he spoke.