Brian Pickens

Brian Pickens is a rising senior who attends Columbus State University. His major is in Communications with an integrated media and film production track. He is also a student athlete and participates on CSU’s varsity Track and Field Program. Brian is originally from Smyrna, Georgia and is an only child.

Brian wanted to join WRBL’s summer internship program because news reporting and broadcast journalism always intrigued him. He figured he could amplify his knowledge and skill set of the craft through being trained by real working professionals.

Brian is also a die hard cinephile and television fan and enjoys watching various types of movies and shows to broaden his horizons. He often enjoys making shorts in his free time, while also keeping up with all of Marvel and DC’s content. He looks up to acclaimed directors for inspiration.

Some notable directors that have inspired Brian include Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele and Ava Duvernay. He looks forward to improving throughout the internship and expanding his portfolio.

Brian enjoys writing stories, editing videos, hanging out with friends, watching his favorite YouTubers, exercising and keeping busy with whatever entertainment he can find in the midst of a global pandemic. He aspires to be professional filmmaker one day for mainstream Hollywood.

“I just want to make the world a better place by using my imagination,” Brian says.

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