Dylan Hanson

Dylan is the Weekend Morning Director for WRBL and also directs/produces all of the podcasts that come out of WRBL Digital Studios (The Chuck Williams Show, The Bob Jeswald Show, Faces of Faith, On Yoursidelines, and WRBL Digital Studios Clients as well).

Dylan got his start in broadcasting in 2017 doing amateur esports broadcasting. He bounced around from caster (play-by-play & analyst), to semi-pro/amateur tournament organizer & marketing, broadcast production, and player. During this time it wasn’t rare to find him playing DotA 2 or studying the professional scene. Working with companies like Epulze, Beyond The Summit, AD2L, and more as a freelancer, he grew his broadcasting skills whenever an opportunity came up.

He loved games and all forms of entertainment from a young age, which led to him building his first computer and trying his hand at whatever he enjoyed most. Now it’s easy to find him practicing audio editing, drumming, playing around with music-production, and video editing when he’s not directing.

In WRBL his role varies day-by-day, director by weekend, podcasts by the week, and whenever necessary a photog, editor, production tech, and whatever his News Director allows him to do.

Dylan works with and is proficient in the following programs/software:
Adobe Suite (after effects, photoshop, premiere, audition)
Izotope RX Suite & Serum
FL Studio 20 & Logic
Office Suite (excel (and makes a great spreadsheet), word, powerpoint, etc.)
Edius & Sony Vegas
Word Press

(ps. Dylan is also a cologne connoisseur and has about 25+ in his collection right now)


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