Kelsey Miller

Kelsey Miller is a journalism major at the University of Georgia. After transferring in 2018, Kelsey worked to make her start in broadcast by volunteering for the student-run newscast Grady Newsource.

Apart from weekly Newsource shifts, you could find Kelsey shooting photos of meetings for her rural student club or attending multicultural events. Kelsey transferred to UGA from Columbus State University, where she was a fine arts-photography major.

Before CSU, she started school at Bainbridge State College (now ABAC at Bainbridge) in 2016. Bainbridge is where Kelsey’s fascination in news started after volunteering as a student photographer for a school paper.

Kelsey grew up in Southwest Georgia and North Florida and is grateful to call both of those places home. In 2019, she relocated to West Georgia with her family and is gradually finding her place in a new region.

In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, meditating, and spending time with her four-year-old nephew. Before graduating in December 2020, Kelsey hopes to take her family to a Georgia Bulldogs football game.

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