Laney Mayfield

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Laney Mayfield was born in the “Bluff City,” Memphis, Tenn. She was raised as an only child by her strong, wonderful, and courageous mother. Nurtured in a Christian home, she is grateful for the blessings of that home every day. She relocated to Huntsville, Alabama, where she graduated from Columbia High School in 2018. 

Laney is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at Auburn University and is double minoring in Psychology and English.

Laney aspires to become a world-renowned journalist. She has been interested in the field of journalism since her sophomore year in high school following her involvement in student-centered media organizations.

To expand her horizons and networking skills, she joined various organizations on campus. Laney currently holds membership in organizations such as The Auburn Plainsman’s, Eagle Eye TV, Project Uplift, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and rPAAST. 

While at Auburn, she has won many academic accolades including the Maria Baugh and Liz Zale Endowed Scholarship.

Upon graduating, Laney will continue her education and enroll in a graduate program to strengthen her communication and news media skills.

After she obtains those skills required for success, she plans to pursue a career in journalism. It has been Laney’s dream to return to her hometown of Memphis, Tenn. to report the news to the community that helped mold her into the young lady she is today. 

Moreover, her knack for storytelling, poetry, and literature is her primary reason for wanting to become an author. Her publications will be free of charge to youth living in impoverished communities. 

After becoming a successful journalist and bestselling author, she would like to serve as a catalyst to the community and enhance the learning environment by becoming a professor. Laney is looking forward to the opportunity to inspire journalism students to reach their full potential.

Laney warmly invites you to join her on this exciting journey to a thrilling destination.

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