Mallory Harris

Mallory Harris is excited to be featured as one of WRBL’s Summer 2020 interns. A Columbus native, she first developed a love of journalism by watching WRBL’s nightly broadcasts.

Even now, her mother calls her every day to relay the highlights from Bob Jeswald’s weather forecast. Mallory is excited for the opportunity to hone her video production skills, work with a talented group of interns and student journalists, and learn from WRBL’s dynamic team.

Mallory began pursuing a degree in Public Relations at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication before transferring to Columbus State University to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies.

During her time at UGA, Mallory worked for Recipe for Press, an Athens business that teaches creative entrepreneurs how to pitch their products and land press coverage. As an intern, she specialized in digital marketing, web content and social media analytics. Upon her graduation in December 2020, Mallory hopes to use the skills she’s learned as a student and intern to pursue a career as a culture writer or film critic. 

 Mallory currently lives in Athens, Georgia. When she’s not binge-watching “The Golden Girls” or “Schitt’s Creek”, she enjoys hiking, trying her hand at overly-ambitious baking projects, and tending to her struggling garden.

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