Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sanders WRBL Summer 2021 internship

Nicole Sanders is a senior at Columbus State University, majoring in communications with a concentration in integrated media, along with pursuing a Film Production Nexus from The Georgia Film Academy. 

Throughout her time in academia, she has demonstrated passion and success in her ventures. She has experience in art gallery curation, as well as commercial production, and media writing.

Outside of school, Nicole is an avid lover of live entertainment. In her free time, she can be found at music performances and stand-up comedy shows. This has led her to build connections with the local performing arts scene, as well as volunteering at The Springer Opera House.

Her future interests are in video production, with a particular interest for video editing, along with being intrigued by entertainment reporting and on-set film work. She also aspires to grow her freelance photography side-job.

Nicole is excited to experience the WRBL summer internship. She hopes to home in on her production and writing skills through-out her time at the station.

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