I am because He is. I can because He did. And I will because He makes it possible are the words Pastor Michael Grant and Kristi Faison say their mother, Ann Hardman, lived by.

“One of the things that people would often say about my mom was that she made everybody feel like she was their best friend. So, the relationships that she built in and through ministry were not just singular to the church walls itself. She was involved in people’s lives. She cared about their livelihood,” Grant said.

Hardman was best known for her ministry. She founded Faith Worship Center in the early 90’s. She was also the first African American to be elected as Superior Court Clerk in Muscogee County. Faison says her mother helped paved the way for many black women. She says she lives her life as fearless as she was.

“If you see a goal in front of you and it’s something you desire to do or you feel like God has called you to do, don’t back away from it. Give it all that you have. I’ve taken on that same mentality,” Faison said.

Hardman’s children say they think their mother would encourage the Black community today to continue moving forward.

“We’re making sure that we have a presence at the table because we are making sure that society as a whole is enriched by what we have to offer. I think she would be pleased with where the direction of we as a community are speaking of going in, but would be adamant about us making sure that we get there and not just talk about but be about,” Grant said.

After Hardman’s passing, Grant and Faison say their job is not to try and replace their mother, but to continue her legacy.

Hardman passed away in March of 2018. Her son Grant now serves as the Pastor of her church, Faith Worship Center.