SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Since Monday, truckers have been reporting border waits as long as eight hours to cross into the United States through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, and a faulty computer system on the Mexican side is being blamed for the delays.

More than 4,000 loads have reportedly not been delivered on time to the U.S., resulting in $15 million in losses so far this week, said Carlos Jaramillo Silva, president of Tijuana’s Business Council.

“The losses will triple as the supply chain north of the border is disrupted,” he said.

Since Monday, the system that processes trucks leaving Mexico has malfunctioned repeatedly, resulting in long lines and delays, Silva said.

“This system has been breaking down two to three times a week recently,” he said. “One- to two-hour delays affect commercial operations vastly.”

Silva is asking Mexico’s federal government to fix the issues that he says have become prevalent since the Mexican Army took over control of customs operations at border crossings.

“They are always making excuses saying there is ‘no internet,’ we have to keep pushing until this stops happening,” Silva said.

Aside from the long delays and economic losses to companies and truck drivers, Silva says, residents in the area are being impacted by the long lines of trucks that are spilling onto city streets that lead up to the port of entry.