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Electronic Rock Artist, ANIMOSITI, set to Challenge the Retro Music Scene with the Halloween Horror Single: Lead Villain

A scary image of a twisted being coming for you to listen to the track Lead Villain by Animositi

Lead Villain by Animositi

ANIMOSITI releases the "Halloween Mix" single for the urban-industrial bad guy anthem "Lead Villain" along with it’s ground-breaking, horror-themed music video

Grinding, sonically and lyrically, and even vocally. This is a sort of sound answer to the dark web. Shall we call it “urban industrial”?”
— Rolling Stone Argentina
LOST ANGELS, CA, USA, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Artist: ANIMOSITI


Imagine a haunted jack-in-the-box filled with skeletal remains and pounding beats - combining the raw energy of electronic rock, hip-hop and industrial dance metal with the lyrical prowess of a serial killer on overdrive.

“Grinding, sonically and lyrically, and even vocally. This is a sort of sound answer to the dark web. Shall we call it “urban industrial”?”
- Rolling Stone Argentina

Just in time for Halloween… emerging artist, ANIMOSITI, is set to challenge the retro music trend with a modern-day twist on the stagnant 90’s sound of current underground edm, hip-hop, metal, and electronicore acts. ANIMOSITI is the genre-defying artist you shouldn’t miss.
ANIMOSITI was formed during lockdown. With the world in turmoil, ANIMOSITI found solace in a sonic journey that is reflective of distress, pain, wonderment, death and cinematic art.

After releasing a few epigrammatic and anomalous rock-influenced dance singles, ANIMOSITI unleashed a series of bizarre interweb videos for various other tracks tangentially.

Never labeling himself a “musician”, he prefers the term “Unfortunate Artistic Entertainer”.
On September 22, 2023, ANIMOSITI globally releases the Halloween Mix single for the urban-industrial bad guy anthem "Lead Villain" from the EP - VILLAIN, along with it’s ground-breaking horror-themed music video: https://youtu.be/WVtlbT6V4kY?si=eDc1vAeLVmDerwr9

“It’s an industrious track with a pertinacious sound and style and a sui generis quality.”
- Chris Redjam (AW Radio)

That Friday will also see the official global release of ANIMOSITI’s missing first full-length album, Sound of the Beast: Evolutions Book 1.

On Halloween night, 2023, ANIMOSITI will release Villain - Special Edition EP: Evolutions Book 2- which will include remixes of "Lead Villain", "When I Get You…", "EVERYTHING ANYthing Something nothing", as well as a Wu-Tang Clan cover.

In 2024, ANIMOSITI will unleash a film inspired by the track, "When I Get You…"

ANIMOSITI’s sonic landscape blends elements of electronic rock, industrial, hip-hop, underground sample culture and more to create a unique post-genre sound that is both electrifying and enigmatic.

With concept-driven, thought-provoking lyrics combined with disturbing visuals and an overdrive vocal that’s hard to forget, ANIMOSITI is the monster in your closet that's here to stay.
Support new artists and discover the indelible passion and fascinating curiosity of ANIMOSITI, and listen to the HALLOWEEN MIX of "Lead Villain" NOW, by visiting: http://www.animositi.com

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Lead Villain (HALLOWEEN MIX)

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