Auburn, Al (WRBL) – Basketball fever firmly has it’s grip on The Plains. This Saturday the #2 Auburn Tigers will host the #12 Kentucky Wildcats at Auburn Arena. This will be the first time Auburn Arena has hosted a game where both teams are inside the AP Top 12.
While the game tips off on Saturday afternoon, Friday students started to camp out in front of Auburn Arena. Why are they making a temporary home there? For students, tickets for home games are given on a first come, first serve basis. These fans are willing to brave below freezing temperatures overnight in order to get a ticket for the marquee matchup against Kentucky.

“It’s going to get down to 28, but it’s going to feel like 20 tonight,” said sophomore Jennings McGill.

While some will sleep in their warm beds Friday night, students in the newly named “Pearlville” tent city say their spirits are sky high.

“It’s been very positive. Everybody is like super excited. We made a group chat, and everyone has kits here. We have a big tent line so we can help each other out in the morning when it’s time to get in line,” said McGill.

Later on Friday night, Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl and members of the Auburn Men’s basketball team visited their die hard fans in their campsite. The Tigers also brought pizza as a way to say thank you to their rapid fans simply known as The Jungle.

#12 Kentucky and #2 Auburn will tip off their game at 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.