Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – The Columbus Fire and EMS welcomed a new member to ranks. Columbus Fire Station 1, located near Uptown Columbus, has a new fire truck. The new “Engine 1” isn’t just a truck, but this will also allow firefighters to have better response times to emergencies in the Uptown Columbus area.

The new truck had a traditional welcome to the fire house as the crew cleaned the truck briefly. Then the crew pushed the new “Engine 1” into the garage. Fire & EMS Division Chief and Fire Marshal John Schull explained how this new truck will have a direct effect for the crew.

“If we do have a river rescue situation or a dive situation we have other means to get there. But having an apparatus that can carry personnel down to the river, again that’s part of what we do. Having a new apparatus means we can do our jobs more effectively and more efficiently. So we’re just glad to have this brand new fire engine here at station 1,” said Chief Schull.

The push in ceremony is a tribute to a fire department’s history.. when fire trucks used to be powered by actual horses and fire fighters had to push them into the fire house.