COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— Tuesday, Aug. 30, the community gathered to celebrate a Columbus woman marking a special milestone.

Born on Aug. 28, 1921, Bernice Adams celebrated her 101st birthday this week.

Today, Aug. 30, Muscogee County Sheriff’s deputies, friends, family, and neighbors got together for a drive-by birthday party.

Ms. Adams says her secret to making it to triple-digits is drinking Coca-Cola’s and cutting her own grass until she was in her 90’s. She says 101 feels a lot like 100.

“I feel good, I still feel like I was when I was 100. It’s this leg if I could walk on, I’d be getting right. I’d be feeling good,” she shares.

Ms. Adam’s daughter Darlene Adams organized today’s celebration and is thanked everyone in attendance.

“It’s a blast, and it’s going to cheer her up just to even see it. I appreciate it. I appreciate everyone that is taking part in this to help me make this day special for her, and I definitely appreciate especially the sheriff’s department!”

She says it was an honor to celebrate her mother and the years she has been blessed to spend with her.

“Time goes by so fast. You know? So that’s why you have to enjoy every moment, every second of it. But it’s just been a blessing just to have her around this many years,” Darlene says.

Happy Birthday from us here at WRBL!