Columbus, Ga (WRBL) –

Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Muscogee County School District student athletes will have a new place to call home. Next Thursday Odis Spencer Stadium will host it’s first athletic event, but before that game WRBL “This Morning” Anchor Rex Castillo spoke with MCSD Athletic Director about what makes Odis Spencer Stadium so special. The stadium which was funded by the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, or E-SPLOST, is a multi-functional stadium that can host a number of sports.

“This gives us the ability to host football, soccer, flag football, you know, started flag football and middle school last year and it blew up. So, you know, this is going to allow us to host a bunch of games here, lacrosse and tennis,” said Battles. “One of the things we’re looking at is is bringing a band competition into this facility and other events where the community can come and enjoy it.”

While the experience for the student-athletes will be a top class one, the spectators can also be way more comfortable in the stadium as well.

“I think we’re going to have a good bathroom experience. We got we got a lot of restrooms in the facility. The concession stands are big. We got two windows, so they’ll be two lines to go in, which should help, you know, get them in and out of the concession stands faster. We have some seated seats on the home side, some back seats on the home side that are first come, first serve. You know, as as our spectators get here and they want to sit in the middle, they can and they have a seat right there with a back on it so they don’t have to bring their back seat with them. So we really try to go out and make the spectator experience enjoyable for you,” said Battles.

One of the marquee features of Odis Spencer Stadium is a giant video board in one of the end zones. This is a feature that will make this stadium standout among the rest in the city.
“I think the video board is going to enhance the game. I think that our video board operators have have been really working hard, testing everything out to make that and something that’s going to enhance the game as they watch it,” said Battles.

This state of the art stadium was also named after an icon in the Fountain City athletics. The former Odis Spencer was an icon to hundreds of athletes from Columbus, and Coach Battles felt it was only right to honor his memory with this stadium.

“That was a community thing. There was a community committee that wanted to, you know, bring the bring Coach Spencer name here. And it’s an honor. You know, he is he has earned that honor. And and we are just honored to to be able to name it after him and and to build something we think he would be proud of,” said Battles.

Northeast High from Macon, Georgia will play the Kendrick Cherokees in the first game at Odis Spencer Stadium on Thursday, October 20th.