Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Here in the Southeast we’re in the middle of the severe weather season. During this part of the year it’s so important to keep you and your family safe with accurate information about the weather forecast in your area. One of the best tools to have a weather radio, because in the middle of dangerous minutes can make all the difference.

“If you can’t get on average with a NOAA weather radio, and ours are a little bit different in functioning, but it has that ability to give you up to 14 minutes. If you have a plan in place, then 14 minutes can save a life,” said Chief Meteorologist Bob Jeswald.

Now in a world with smart phones, it’s easy to download an app and get weather forecasts through there. However in severe weather storms, cell towers can also fail putting you at risk.
“It happened recently in March 3rd of 2019, we had a cell tower go down in Smiths Station.

Radio operators had to come in quickly and try to help move information for emergency responders. Even over in Harris County on the Georgia side we lost a tower that day as well. Communications were lost for some time. So having an app is not really 100 percent,” said Bob Jeswald.

In fact one of the most reliable sources for information can be a weather radio, to keep you and your loved ones informed and safe.

“The transponders that are directly linked and there’s many of them. Right directly to the radio. There’s no interruption. It’s almost a clear line of sight and again that is your most proficient way of receiving information during severe weather,” said Bob Jeswald.

Here at News 3, for over 15 years WRBL has given out T-428 two way radios to people in our viewing area. Local city officials have also stepped up with News 3 to make sure people all over the Chattahoochee Valley can have this tool, with over 100 functions, to help keep them safe. In fact, the Chief Meteorologist has heard how these radios have helped saved lives.

“And actually testimonies where people have actually told us that if it wasn’t for the radio they would have been in bad shape. They got in their safe spot when they’re house was actually destroyed. That’s a fact,” said Bob Jeswald.

WRBL News 3 will once again launch a weather radio give away event, stay tuned for details at a later date.