A dog found shot in the woods recovers and finds his forever home

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Zade is just like any other German Shepherd pup. He loves playing fetch, chewing on anything he can gets his paws on, but his owners Laney Wilson and Greyson Dyer say he’s their little miracle. 

“His mom was shot and was killed, but he was still alive when they found him,” Wilson said. 

A couple of folks riding ATVs through the woods stumbled upon Zade curled up next to his mother. Not knowing if they were alive they immediately reached out East Alabama Humane Society. 

“He had no hair. He was full of mange, sarcoptic mange and just he couldn’t walk. He was so weak, he was skin and bones and I didn’t know if he was gonna live or die,” Carolyn Harrelson from said. 

East Alabama Humane Society is a no kill shelter that promotes saving lives of many unwanted animals.

East Alabama Humane Society takes in around 450-500 animals annually. Zade is one of 250 animals to come through the shelter this year. 

When Zade arrived to East Alabama Humane Society Harrelson says she knew his recovery would be a long process. 

“He was shot in the ear actually. It was right above his ear and went through his eardrum and out his neck,” Harrelson said.

“It took him a while to learn how to walk and when he did he walked in circles because he had a ruptured ear drum. He had an abscess also in his ear that ruptured.”

Harrelson says there aren’t any leads as to who could’ve done, but Zade is just one of many animals the shelter helps rehabilitate that suffer from animal cruelty. 

“Some sick people in this world. It’s a huge pet peeve I have. It’s hard to stomach what he went through,” Dyer said. 

The EAHS staff documented Zade’s journey to recovery on their Facebook page. Wilson says she shared the post with Dyer and they immediately felt drawn to him. 

“The fact that he was still a puppy and was still kicking and we were hoping that he would make it through it so that we can go get him,” Wilson said.

“The underdog story,” Dyer said.

The young couple visited Zade at the shelter during his recover and was able to take him home a month ago. They say he is a great addition to their family and he’s helping them learn new things such as sign language. Because he is deaf they are using it as a way to train him.

“Whatever it takes to make his life the best life he can have. We’re going to make sure he’s healthy, make sure he has everything he needs, everything he wants. We’re in it for the long haul. Whatever it takes, no matter what it is” Dyer said. 

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