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The only thing missing from the Beulah Fire Department’s uniforms is a cape. 

The bravery of the men and women who step into these uniforms is what inspires everyone from Hollywood screenwriters to little boys and girls who dare to dream of a life of service. And it’s the families of those dreamers that these firefighters are looking out for by installing free smoke detectors in homes across the Beulah community. 

“We’ve had an opportunity to go in and install approximately three hundred smoke detectors here in Beulah,” says Keith Padgett, Fire Chief of Beulah Fire Department. [Fire detectors have been installed in] “a poverty stricken home to a moderate residential home, so it’s a huge opportunity for us.” 

In partnership with American Red Cross, this effort is a multi-year program focused on fire prevention, not only in Beulah but across the country. 

“Its different from some of the other programs in that we don’t hand people smoke alarms, we go to their homes and we install it,” says Marty Nelson, East Alabama Disaster Program Manager for American Red Cross. “That way we know it doesn’t end up in a drawer somewhere.” It gets installed and it gets installed properly.” 

And according to Padgett, proper installation can be a matter of life or death-as it was for one man. 

“He’d gotten up in the morning and began to cook his breakfast, laid back down, and fell asleep on the sofa. The smoke detector went off-alerted him-he was able to go to the kitchen and extinguished the fire. And then we responded and assisted him in that manner,” Padgett adds.

“As long as American Red Cross continues to provide the smoke detectors, the fire department will distribute them. It’s not as glamorous as advancing a hose line down a hallway, but we’re saving lives,” says Padgett. 

There is no criteria to receive a free smoke detector, so any home is eligible. American Red Cross and the Beulah Fire Department also offer a solution for the hearing impaired. 

If you’d like a smoke detector installed in your home, contact the Beulah Fire Department at 334-742-0090. 

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