‘Bring my statue back’: A 4-year-old pleads for return of missing statue in Columbus

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Noah Jenkins

COLUMBUS, Ga. ( WRBL) – It’s been one week since the “May Flower” sculpture was stolen from downtown Columbus. The stolen statue left a huge impact on a 4-year-old boy from Phenix City, Ala.

“Bring my statue back,” are the words of 4-year-old Noah Jenkins. Noah and his grandmother, Charleane Jenkins, take a walk in downtown Columbus everyday. Noah enjoys making his voice echo in the parking decks and searching for rocks during his walks. What he enjoys most of all is seeing “May Flower.”

The statue was stolen around 1:00 in the morning Apr 11. When Jenkins took Noah on his walk later that morning they noticed the statue was gone.

“I thought the city had removed it, so I told him ‘your statue is gone the city removed it’ and I posted it on Facebook. Then I was informed through Facebook that it had been stolen,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins explained to her grandson that someone had stolen the statue. She then explained to him what stealing means. Once Noah understood, he became upset that someone would take one of his favorite statues. After Noah expressed how he felt to his grandmother, he told her he had a temporary solution.

“He was all sad and he was mad saying ‘Nana, they took my statue, but I’ll stand up there for it.’ So I said ‘you will?’ and he said ‘yes.’ So he jumped up and I took a picture of him, with him laying back like the statue and he liked that and we posted it because he wants them to bring his statue back,” Jenkins said.

News 3 asked Jenkins why she believes Noah likes “May Flower” so much.

“For a long time we couldn’t figure out if it was a little girl or a little boy. So he just laid back and was saying ‘ it’s me,’ so I just told him ‘okay, it’s you.'”

But, Noah wants the community to know he can’t stand in place of the statue forever.

“He said, ‘they better hurry up and bring it back because I’m not going to stand out here all day. It’s going to get dark.'”

Since the statue has been missing for a week, Uptown Columbus has asked for the safe return of the sculpture and they’re offering a reward. Columbus Police are also working on the safe return of “May Flower.” CPD Chief of Staff Katina Williams said they’re making progress in the investigation.

“At this point in the investigation were still collecting video evidence in the downtown area of 10th and Broadway, just that surrounding area. We’ve got letters out and requests out to different businesses to obtain surveillance video footage,” Williams said.

CPD is also asking if anyone has any cell phone footage or any footage from the incident to please call The Columbus Police Department.

News 3 explained to Williams how Noah plans to stand in place of the statue until she’s found.

“It lets you know how famous this little girl, this little ‘May Flower’ statue is and how she’s a staple downtown at Broadway and 10th. You have a 4-year-old that’s wanting this statue back, the community wants her back,” Williams said.

Noah and his grandma have been looking for the statue everyday on their walks. Noah and his grandma search in the alley, they ask workers downtown if they’ve seen the state and he has even convinced his grandma to look in the trash cans for “May Flower.”

Noah plans to stand in “May Flowers” spot everyday until she is returned home.

“Bring my statue back!” Noah said.

If you have any information please call CPD at 706-225-4298




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