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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The company FERMWORX, originally founded as High Performance Products Engineering (HPPE), is expanding and rebranding. An investment from the $4 billion company Goradia Capital has helped FERMWORX fully rebrand and expand it’s specialty bio-fermentation by 20-fold.

The expansion and rebranding come as bio-fermentation is on the rise across the globe. FERMWORX Chief Executive Officer Jon Getzinger explained exactly what this type of product is.

“Part of that investment allowed us to do an expansion for our specialty fermentation here. That fermentation is something that we use in the mining industry, it goes into food, it can go into a whole variety of things including nutraceuticals, and eventually pharmaceuticals,” said Getzinger. “The capacity we’re about to put online here is about 2 million liters which is, if you want to think of it this way about 460,000 gallons give or take.”

With the massive expansion brings a new need for jobs right here in Columbus, something Getzinger said the company is focused on.

“It means that we’re going to end up having a lot of good paying jobs for a lot more people. It’s a chance also for career paths,” said Getzinger. “There isn’t a huge amount of what I would call West Coast and East Coast technology companies here. We have the opportunity here to grow people up into scientists, to grow into people that are running firm enters, people that have some science based backgrounds that can expand that and have a full blown career without having to leave Columbus.”

So where is the future of the company headed? Getzinger explained their plans for advancing their product in the future.

“Our product like pullulan, also I think you’ll see down the road our organic version,” said Getzinger. “We’ll be the first in the world to provide an organic version of that product and that goes into all sorts of capsules which is our hope here coming into 2022 and beyond.”

Besides focusing on advancing the bio-fermentation products with this expansion and rebranding, Getzinger said the company is really focused on their employees. They want to make sure they’re treated properly, trained properly and have a career path FERMWORX can provide and aid them with right here in Columbus.

Once the expansion is done Getzinger said the site, deck and tank area will be completely remodeled.

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