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COLUMBUS, Ga — It’s a sad fact that senior citizens are often targeted by criminals. But the Columbus Police Department is taking steps to arm them with action to protect themselves.

It’s called SALT– and it stands for Seniors and Law Enforcement Together. The tenth annual Summer Saltfest was held in the Columbus Civic Center. The annual event is sponsored by the Columbus Police Department, and it unites senior citizens with officers and other local vendors. The ultimate goal is empowerment for our seniors.

The event mixed fun with learning, specifically letting senior citizens know what agencies are available in the Valley area to assist them with their needs.

This morning– we’re on your side with a reminder about some of the most common scams that target people of all ages.

Seniors, of course, are always a favorite target of criminals.

First, there’s the email scam. You get  a request asking for a small deposit of money, and in return you will receive a jackpot. Don’t fall for this one. Also– sometimes, you get a call saying there’s a virus on your computer. What the caller wants is permission to take remote access of your computer and steal personal info.

Also, there’s the home improvement scam. Con artists who go door to door, saying your home needs work. They tell you need a new roof, for example, or your home is termite infested. They can be very convincing. They take a large deposit for the work and materials, and you never see them again. If you didn’t call them, don’t trust them.

Finally, there’s also a more popular back taxes scam.  A phone caller that demands you pay up back taxes– or go to jail.  Sometimes, the caller says the police are headed to pick you up right at that moment unless you provide a debit or credit card number. In other instances, the caller, instead of taxes, will say you owe a fine for missing jury duty.   This is not how the IRS nor law enforcement operates. Remember that if you receive such a call. Simply hang up, and don’t give out any personal info.

Columbus Police say they encourage our senior citizens– and all of us– to call them if we think we’re being target by a scam.  Sometimes, your call allows them to get the word out to others about a new scam going on in our area.

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