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Doctors and Lawyers Take to the Basketball Court for Charity

Columbus, Ga (WRBL) - Doctors and lawyers in Columbus put down their suits and ties- for basketball jerseys Saturday--and it was all for a good cause.

What started as a fun idea for a pick-up game turned into a full-blown charity event at Carver High School's gymnasium as doctors representing the Columbus-Fort Benning Medical Society and lawyers representing the Fountain City Bar Association battled it out on the basketball court to raise money for two local causes.

Co-chair of the charity game, Attorney Katonga Wright, explains why the groups team up to face off.

"We felt it was very important for professionals to give back, and what best way to combine two professions into one for a good cause," she says.

The lawyers sponsored Georgia Legal Services while the doctors sponsored the Mckinney-Vento
Program for Homeless Children in Columbus. Players and spectators donated to both

Since it's start in 2015, the game has raised ten-thousand dollars for charity Dr. Tania Edwards, co-chair of the game with Attorney Katonga Wright, expresses the importance of giving back.

"Most of us grew up in an environment where we had the resources in order to achieve what we've done," she says. "So we definitely want to give back to those who possibly need that extra support to fulfill their dreams."

Players sprinted up and down the court tirelessly for four eight-minute quarters, shooting three's and layups like it was their day job.

Doctors and lawyers were not the only players on the court. Players came from a range of professions, from surgeon to semi-pro basketball player like Quintavius Wyatt from the Columbus Blackhawks. He played with the doctors today and was awarded with most valuable player. Wyatt says he hopes more people join in next year.

"It was fun, I ain't had that much fun in a minute" he says. "I played with a lot of doctors and lawyers, it was a great experience. Tell your friends to come out, and next year hopefully we have more people involved."

This is the third year the Fountain City Bar Association and the Columbus-Fort Benning Medical Society has come together to host the game, but for the first time the doctors took home the trophy.

The co-chairs are already gearing up for next year's game, contact Atty. Katonga Wright or Dr. Tania Edwards.

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