Wellness Wednesday with St. Francis: Stroke warning signs and treatment

Community Watch

Darcy Taddeo, a physician’s assistant who works with Dr. Valadi at St. Francis, joins us to discuss strokes.  She explains strokes, warning signs, and treatments following a stroke. 

Taddeo explains that strokes are essentially “brain attacks.”  There are two different types of strokes: one where there’s bleeding in a part of the brain and the other when there is a lack of blood in a part of the brian.

Treating strokes timely is extremely important to maximize a patient’s recovery rate. Taddeo says remember the acronym  FAST. (Facial droop, Arm weakness, Slurring of speech, and Time).  Anyone who experiences or notices a family member experiencing any of the symptoms of facial droop, arm weakness, slurred speech– needs to get to the emergency room immediately.

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