COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A non-profit animal welfare organization is running a fundraising campaign to build a dog shelter and sanctuary in Columbus.

PCS Pups has only three weeks to raise $75,000 to purchase 11 acres of agricultural land in Fortson.

According to the PCS Pups, “our area is one of the worst in animal welfare. We have no neutering laws, no effective anti-tethering ordinances, stray dogs seem to multiply by the day and many of them come from departing military families.” 

Alabama-based PCS Pups saves the sick, elderly and overlooked dogs. It plans to take care of adoptable dogs that would otherwise be euthanized for space in overtaxed municipal shelters; and provide a permanent safe space for elderly, injured, terminal, or behaviorally challenging dogs.

PCS Pups says that a private donor has offered to match every donation, but they need individual and corporate donations to reach their goal.

For more information visit the PCS Pups website.