COLUMBUS, Ga — Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement unveil another chapter of the state’s campaign to honor exceptional educators.

Double Churches Elementary school teacher Eric Crouch takes center stage in the highlight video “Why I Teach” — the fourth installment of the “Real Teachers Real Voices” campaign.

WRBL News 3 featured Crouch many times for his exceptional dedication to teaching. He was named the 2016 Georgia Milken Educator – a national award granted to one teacher a year.

“School is such an amazing place,” says Crouch. “It is a place where children from all different walks of life come together to try and find common solutions to the challenges we will face tomorrow … teaching is very rewarding and fulfilling.

“It wasn’t until later in my life that I found my purpose. When I got to college I had a professor who showed me the true art and beauty of teaching, and it was then that I knew what teaching could be for me. It was there that I found my hope and my inspiration, and I wanted to give that same hope and inspiration to my students. That is why I became a teacher.”

Watch “Why I Teach” online here.