HOGANSVILLE, Ga. (WRBL) – A city council meeting was held in Hogansville City Hall to discuss the high utility bills many residents have been receiving.

The meeting came after complaints from locals who claim their utility bills have been too high after the winter season. Many people have seen their electricity and natural gas bill double due to the low temperatures experienced in the last few months.

The city offers different repayment plans and budget billing to help assist residents in paying their utility bills, and they send city employees to determine if there is a leak leading to the problem, if needed.

“We do everything we can to make sure that if there is a problem either with the city or with one of the residents we help them identify the problem,” said Hogansville City Manager Jonathan Lynn.

Many of the homes in the area are older, which contributes to the problem since many lack proper insulation for colder temperatures and lead the residents to use more electricity to stay warm.

In an attempt to find more solutions for residents, Hogansville is considering partnering with Groundswell and their SOUL program.

Save on Utilities Long Term, SOUL, is a program designed to help lower-income families with higher electricity bills adjust their homes to be more energy efficient.

SOUL has already saved households in LaGrange, Ga. about $500 per year. The homes with the highest utility bills are chosen to be inspected first due to the severity of their case.

“The SOUL program focuses on helping people to cut their electricity bill by making their homes more energy efficient so that’s through things like energy efficient lighting, better insulation,” Michelle Moore, CEO of Groundswell.

Groundswell uses local contractors to complete the work in the homes. If approved in Hogansville, more jobs would also be available to local residents.