COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Oct. 24, 2022 serves as a reminder of the life-altering experience that a Columbus woman will never forget.

Latarsha Hackett had a heartwarming reunion with the first responders from Columbus Fire Station 1 that saved her life after she experienced a brutal house fire that left burns across her chest, arms and back.

Columbus Fire and EMS responded to the scene, saving Hackett’s life, but $60,000 was lost in structural damage and personal belongings. Hackett chooses to focus on the positives, calling the first responders who saved her: angels and saviors. Four months later, Hackett had the opportunity to meet them in person for a proper thank you.

“God is real,” said Hackett. “From the stories I hear and the pictures I’ve seen, I wasn’t supposed to be here. I wasn’t supposed to be here, but I am a miracle. And I know God is real. He was with me the whole time. Like I said with the angels and saviors, everybody that responded, it’s just been a humbling experience and grateful experience for me.”

Due to the magnitude of smoke inhaled while she was trapped, Hackett says that day was a blur for her. The paramedic and EMT that responded to the scene were her eyes and ears when she needed it most.

“It does make getting up in the day and going to work that much more worthwhile,” said paramedic, Robert Robinson. “The fact that we have a chance to save a life… you can’t put a price tag on that. It’s what we do. It’s what we love to do to help people. But just to see it and report saying thank you really means a lot to us.”

Hackett was surrounded by her loved ones as she embraced Fire Station 1 with open arms. She still has a long road of recovery ahead of her as she continues treatment in Atlanta including physical therapy and more surgeries.