Ever think about where your food comes from? KIA challenges students to dig deeper into their foods’ origins. 

“I can tell my class, sort of brought something out of him that excited him. He always gets his work done, always very diligent with what he was doing, and he just blew me away with this project,” says teacher Julie Lawrence. 

Seventh-grader Austin Bain chose an organic farm for his project, approaching it with excitement.  

“I wanted to have an experience that would make a memory. I wanted to learn about agriculture,” says student Austin Bain. 

And by doing so, he’s harvesting more than veggies. He’s cultivating lessons that can’t be taught in any book. 

“Going into a farm might have never crossed Austin’s mind. This project sort of inspired him to think about doing that and to cooperate the things they enjoy and find out a way to connect their interest to agriculture,” says teacher Julie Lawrence. 

His teachers say the benefit of “getting your hands dirty learning” is undeniable. 

“No matter what you make, it’s always going to be special because you made it,” says student Austin Bain.