COLUMBUS, Ga. — Tim Jones is the Pastor at Britt David Baptist Church.

His son Alex Jones created a very unique sign as a way to draw in a younger crowd to the church.

The church sign reads: “Cash God inside howbow dah?”

Alex showed me a snippet of the Dr. Phil Show, where the original saying “catch me outside how bout dat” came from. The girl featured in the episode has become a internet meme phenomenon with this signature phrase being repeated and re-imagined thousands of times by internet comedians.

The church’s sign is trending across social media and it was featured on Buzzfeed News.

“We wanted to do something kinda culturally relevant, I think a lot of times signs come off kinda mundane and people don’t really look,” Alex says. “I wanted to draw from something a lot of millennials and young people would look at and notice.”

The church says they do have events coming up they will be using the sign for, so the trending welcome message will have to come down Tuesday.