COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — It’s been a month since four nurses from Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside jumped into action – helping patrons after an SUV crashed through a local restaurant. Now, they are being recognized by the hospital as heroes.

One of the nurses describes the past month as a whirlwind. Ema Zeitlin, Becky Sergent-Riggs, Sydney Koch and Micah Muessig-Montebell have been waiting for one thing: the chance to meet their patients they saved that day.

Columbus resident, Mary Jones, was sitting with her best friend, Jackie, near the window where the crash occurred. She was one of four people injured in the restaurant.

“I’m just so happy that they were there when we needed them,” said Jones. “It was a scary moment.”

Once they realized the severity of the situation, Ema, Micah, Becky and Sydney used their medical training to assist anyone injured from the crash. One woman was nearly pinned underneath the SUV.

Becky has 18 years of nursing experience and says she and her coworkers acted instinctively.

“That morning when we responded we just did the right thing,” said Sergent-Riggs. “We did what we should do.”

Becky, Ema, Sydney and Micah had not met the accident victims until a ceremony honoring their heroism on Wednesday.

Piedmont Columbus Regional Northside Campus held a small ceremony awarding the nurses the First Friday Hero for the month of August. They were also recognized with the DAISY Team Award, which highlights nurses for providing compassionate care to their patients. Becky says she appreciates the awards and recognition, but the biggest blessing was being able to meet Jones.

“It touches you in a way you can’t explain,” said Sergent-Riggs. “When I saw her walk through that door and knew that she’s okay… that was more important than any award or any recognition we’ve ever gotten through this. We did that for them.”