COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The National Infantry Museum held a Memorial Day Tribute and dedication this morning to honor and commemorate fallen soldiers. 

The paver ceremony is for the  loved ones and family members of fallen soldiers who have served their nation honorably and all the different branches of service who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

79 people were honored today with paver on Heritage Walk. 

The families and loved ones of fallen soldiers were given roses to place on their paver. 

“A Memorial Day tribute as we honor those that have given all in protecting our democracy. I think it’s extremely important as we honor those that are no longer in flesh and bone, but we still try to uplift the family members that live with that choice, a choice that was made to protect our democracy. So I think it’s extremely important that we continue this legacy and we honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Vice President of Operations Martin Feldstein. 

“As we remember, Memorial Day was actually called Dedication Day. And that day was set aside to dedicate to remembering the sacrifice and the service that that so many gave to this nation’s freedom. And on Memorial Day, remember those who who gave their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice. So we have to do that,” said Randy Hall Chaplain, and Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, retired.

“We were here at the National Museum in order to remember soldiers and sailors and Marines and airmen from all the branches of service. As these families come today and dedicate these paving stones in honor and memory of their family members,” said Lieutenant Hall

To purchase a Paver to honor your loved one visit the Infantry Museum website.