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It’s a bittersweet day when a parent hands over the car keys to their teen.  This rite of passage is repeated day after day and year after year across the U.S.  Before you give your child the “green light” to get behind the wheel, a very important conversation needs to take place.  One that includes some well needed advice as well as parent expectations.

We’ve seen it before, distracted teens behind the wheel, paying attention to everything around them except the road.  In fact, a study by the “AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety” shows almost 60% of teen car crashes are caused by distracted drivers.  The biggest culprits?  Cell phones, the radio or the number one distraction for teen drivers:  a passenger.  Matt Nasworthy with AAA says it’s important for passengers to make sure they don’t become a distraction and be willing to help the driver when needed.  “Obviously, the little things like adjusting the AC or radio. All of that can help you not only be a good passenger but ensure your safety because if you can help the driver be safer, you’re sure to get to your destination safely,” says Nasworthy.

News 3 is on your side.  We partnered with AAA to get you these safety tips:  1.  Discuss the dangers of not only distracted driving but also the dangers of driving while impaired.  2.  Research shows about 25% of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking.  3.  Parents are urged to stay involved as your teen learns to drive.  4.  Be sure to monitor their activity to ensure their safety.  5.  Kids learn by watching you so teach by example and put safety first.  The bottom line?  AAA says teens need to remember to keep their hands on the wheel, their eyes on the road and their minds on the task of driving.

We have tools to help new drivers and their parents during the process of learning to drive CLICK HERE to learn more.

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