1973 Winter Wonderland: More than a foot of snow 45 years ago

News 3 Neighbors

 In this News 3 Neighbors story, we’re sharing the memories of former WRBL News Anchor Dick McMichael who recalls the monstrous snow storm that hit Columbus 45 year ago in 1973. The Fountain City was buried in 14 inches of snow!

Residents say the snow started falling on the morning of February 9, 1973. Back in those days, Dick McMichael was News Director here at WRBL. He remembers the storm of ’73 quite well.  

“Doug Wallace called me. And you know, Doug Wallace was the great weather man. And on this day he calls me and says, Dick I can’t come in. And I said well now Doug, of all days you have to come in today. And he said, well I can’t see the road. I said, well Doug a volunteer from Fort Benning volunteered his tire chains. So we have put the chains on one of the news cars and we’ll come to get you,” McMichael.

And so the news and weather went on as usual that night. In the meantime Dick called CBS.

“I said we’ve got 14 inches of snow. He said well okay. I said NBC has it, they’re going to do it. They do?  Yes. He said well you can’t get it to us. How are you going to get it to us? I said I’ll get it to you. So I called Jim Woodruff who was the owner and general manager and told him. And he said well let me call Fort Benning. And  he called me back and said, yeah Fort Benning has a helicopter going up and they’re going to take the film. So Fort Benning took the helicopter on that day, took the film up to  Atlanta and they fed it to CBS. CBS ran it. Took the money and gave the newsroom a party, (laugh)” says McMichael. 

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