In tonight’s News 3 Neighbors story, we introduce you to a local couple that’s making a difference for disabled children half a world away in India.

Cynthia Baker, her husband Jacob, and their three children were special guests at Evangel Temple in Columbus over the weekend. They shared their story of God’s calling on their lives. They have lived in India for the past four years.

Cynthia and Jacob, who grew up in Columbus and were high school sweethearts, are the directors of a non-profit called Sarah’s Covenant Homes. They take care of previously abandoned children and young adults with disabilities and severe medical needs.

Cynthia says, “Sarah’s Covenant Homes is able to take children from the government orphanage and give them therapy, give them love, show them what it’s like to be loved and in a safe place everyday.”

Some 135 children and young adults are currently under the care of Cynthia and Jacob and their team of staff members and volunteers.

“They bathe the kids, they read to the kids, they take them to church. They just show them the love that they deserve and the love of Christ we’ve all experienced on a day-to-day basis,” says Cynthia.

Two years ago Cynthia and Jacob decided to add to their family. They already had two beautiful daughters, Maddie and Myra. They decided to adopt Kayla, a child under the care of Sarah’s Covenant Homes. Kayla, who is about to turn six, has been blind from birth, but the Bakers see her as a tremendous blessing to their family.

Cynthia says she has taught us so much. “People often say how lucky she is. It’s not her, it’s us that’s definitely blessed through that adoption.”

Unconditional love planted in Cynthia at a young age is what gives her inspiration.

“Just having been shown that love throughout my life, through the community I was raised in, just being taught the love of Christ…that motivates me each day to get up and make sure to give them my best and honor them the best I can.”

The Bakers live in Hyderabad, India which has a population of about ten million. They are headed back there in early August. They have been visiting in the states to raise funds to support their efforts at Sarah’s Covenant Homes.

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