COLUMBUS, GA. (WRBL) – In the News 3 Neighbors series, WRBL News 3 likes to highlight neighbors helping neighbors. For folks in one north Columbus neighborhood, they didn’t have to look any farther than their mailbox to see this in action.

If you take the time to cruise down Lorna Drive in Columbus, you will notice something very special and festive. Many of the mailboxes on that street have been artistically accentuated with colorful Christmas decorations courtesy of Mona Griffin. “I can’t imagine anybody not wanting a fresh mailbox,” says Mona Griffin, “I know the mail carrier enjoys it.”

Griffin has been freely offering to decorate her neighbors’ mailboxes at Christmas time for about the last ten years.

“If I can just add a little joy to the people who even drive by and our neighbors…just by putting a little ribbon and a little greenery on their mailbox, then that’s part of the Christmas spirit,” Griffins says, “We all should have that.”

Griffin often recruits her sister-in-law, Vicky, to join in the holiday fun. “It’s my pleasure because I know that her neighbors love it,” says Vicky Griffin.

Sonya Boyd is Mona Griffin’s neighbor and longtime friend. “We’ve been friends, neighbors, and co-workers at Shaw High School,” says Boyd, “She has one of the most generous hearts of anyone I’ve ever known.”

Griffin is especially sensitive to what some of her neighbors are going through this time of year and she hopes her decorative touches will lift their spirits. “I know we’ve had some deaths on the street…very sad time for some people,” says Griffin, “So maybe this just brings a smile.”

“This is our fifth year, our fifth year living here and I’ve been admiring the mailboxes throughout the years,” says Emily Barnes. Barnes lives up the street from Griffin and sometimes the two women go on walks together. Barnes was excited to find that her mailbox was one of the ones to be decorated this year, “This is our first year getting one, I’ve always heard about communities who will come together, who are beautiful and just love each other.” Barnes adds, “It’s so fun to be part of that, this is the first time I’ve ever been part of such a sweet community.”

Griffin says there is nothing she would rather being doing, “It makes me happy, and I hope it makes people who drive up and down go, you know, these people really have a community spirit.”