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COLUMBUS, Ga. — Hearts knitted together for a good cause. That’s a pretty good description of a group of ladies who are touching others through the work of their hands.

Five friendly faces greeted News 3’s Phil Scoggins as he entered the dining hall of Covenant Woods Retirement Community. These industrious ladies make up the Crochet Club, which hasn’t been around but a couple of months. But all that changed when Marcelle Mitchell moved to Columbus back in May.

“When I came here to be closer to my children, the first thing (I asked), where’s the crochet group? When I came to Covenant Woods there wasn’t one,” says Marcelle.

Marcelle previously lived in a retirement community in Atlanta. They had a crochet club there that made hats for patients in area hospitals like Emory. Marcelle was the spark to start the same idea here, and it’s really taken off.

“Since May we’ve made 100 hats with our group,” says Marcelle.

Her crocheting partners are Christola Williams, Ninette McDowell, Ruth Duke and Mae Watson. Well Mae doesn’t actually crochet. She’s the fashion model for the group.

“They said, well Mae, you can put the little tags on the hats and the flowers and you can talk and wear the hats. And so, I go and they entertain me and I have fun and I think it’s a good, good project for Covenant Woods,” says Mae.

Phil: “How long have you been crocheting?

Christola: “Like forever. It started when I was a little girl. Years ago we lived in boarding houses or room houses as they call it. And in order for you to live there and you’re a small child, you have to stay still. So my sister taught me how to crochet.”

“One night I sat up and I thought the clock said ten minutes after 10. It was actually ten minutes after 2, and I was still crocheting.. because it’s relaxing,” says Christola. “It keeps me away from ‘The Young and the Restless’ most of the time (laugh).”

These stylish hats so carefully stitched together by the hands of these kind-hearted crocheters.. will adorn the heads of cancer patients at the John B. Amos Cancer Center.

“To be helpful to others is of the utmost importance to me. I am elderly. My time is limited. If I can do what I can do and others enjoy it, that’s my goal,” says Marcelle.

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