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COLUMBUS, Ga. — When we share our gifts with others, it makes the world a better place.

If you hear piano music wafting from the lobby of Covenant Woods and residents’ voices blending in song, it may just mean that “Lulu” is in the house. Her given name is Louise Williams Willard Clark, but she affectionately known as simply “Lulu” to friends and family.

She’s been coming from her home near Nashville to Covenant Woods for the past six years to visit her mother who is a resident. Lulu has roots in Columbus. She went to Hardaway High School where she sang in the chorus. In 1986 she headed to Nashville to make music and that she did.

“I had written a song called “A Boy Again,” and it’s a song about a little boy going fishing when he was young,” says Lulu.

In 1990 she got to fulfill a young vocalist’s dream singing on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. So with credentials like that, it’s no wonder she’s treated like royalty when she comes to visit her mom.

“I walk in the door and whoever is sitting in here asks…are you going to play today or tonight? And I’ll say…I’m going to try to,” says Lulu. “We normally have a really good crowd in here. And if I’m here for two days or if I’m here for a week, then it’s every day that we play.”

They don’t just come to listen to you but to participate.

“Right. Some of the residents made instruments in one of their craft classes,” says Lulu.

And Lulu brought some she had made. This type of interactive concert has its benefits.

“Not only is it fun for the music, but it’s good exercise, too. And I’m sure they’re going to go home tonight and rub some of that Ben Gay and stuff on those joints,” says Lulu.

Lulu says she and the residents are playing together so well, it’s got her thinking.

“Covenant Woods has a bus. I told them that I thought we were ready for the road. We just need to decide what color of shirts we need to go to Wal-Mart and pick out,” says Lulu.

Lulu says since she’s been going there now for six years. Many of the residents have become just like family.

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