COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — If you’re wondering what all these bicycles are doing in front of this south Georgia school, they’re the fulfillment of a dream by one of its teachers. Meet Glynn Cunningham, a teacher at Harper Elementary School in Thomasville. She has fifteen kids in her kindergarten class. Back in October she started thinking about how she could bless them for Christmas.

“I wanted to do something for them that would really just blow them away like they do for me every day,” said Glynn Cunningham, Harper Elementary Kindergarten Teacher.

That’s when the idea of buying a bike and helmet for each of her students was born. She then sent out an email asking for help.

“When I sent the email to my friends, I was thinking I was going to be paying for all those bikes this Christmas. And I should have known that the Lord puts dreams in our hearts on purpose, and he has plans for those dreams,” says Cunningham.

Within a week of sending the email, Glynn had enough donations to take care of all 15 students in her class. A Thomasville non-profit called “Project Backyard” wanted to partner with Glynn.

“They were able to match the funds that I raised which ended up being over $5,000. So he matched that and we were able to get around 170 bikes,” says Cunningham.

Which took care of students in ten other classes as well. One day last week those students were called into the school auditorium for an assembly and Glynn got to announce the big Christmas surprise.

“I had a little dream in my heart that none of my students
have known about. That I wanted to get all of y’all something really cool for Christmas. All 15 of my kids are about to get a bike for Christmas and a helmet. Actually every student sitting on this floor gets a bike today,” Cunningham says.

“Each bike has a sticker and it says ‘Jesus Loves You.’ And each helmet has a sticker that says ‘Be Kind’ because those are the two reminders that I wanted for these kids to have in their hearts throughout this whole thing,” says Cunningham.

Along with a bike and helmet each student also received a wrapped kids’ Bible.Glynn, by the way, was born in Columbus and lived here the first ten years of her life.