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Bernie Sander says “struggle continues” in fight for Democratic nomination

Bernie Sanders says his campaign will not stop in the run-up towards the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders addresses the crowds in California following the state’s primary saying, “Thank you all, the struggle continues.”

Hillary Clinton claims victory in the bid for the Democratic nomination saying, “We’ve reached a milestone. The first time in our nation’s history that a woman will be a major party’s nominee.” Preliminary results show Clinton and Trump are the projected winners in New Mexico, New Jersey and South Dakota, while Sanders is the projected winner in North Dakota and Montana. Trump also took California and Montana.

Clinton will remain the “presumptive nominee” until superdelegate votes are cast. The Associated Press announced Clinton “clinched” the nomination using unpledged superdelegate counts in a move the Sanders camp calls “disgraceful.”

“It was one of the most appalling things I’ve seen in a long time,” senior campaign adviser Mark Longabaugh says of the AP call.

4-year-old survives internal decapitation

A 4-year-old boy is expected to make a full recovery after doctors say he was internally decapitated in a car crash in Idaho. Doctor’s say the boy’s survival is thanks to a good Samaritan who held his head perfectly still until paramedics arrived.

Internal decapitation occurs when the skull and spine are separated and the head is essentially just holding on by a thread — like the spinal cord.

There was a hail storm going on when when Killian and his mother, Brandy Gonzalez, decided to make the trip back home to Nevada after celebrating Killian’s fourth birthday. Ice on the road caused the vehicle to skid out of control and crash head-on into another car.

At the same time, a local police officer and his wife were coming down the hill and saw the crash unfold in front of them. As the first ones on the scene, they quickly got out of the car to see if there were any survivors. That’s when they say they heard a little boy screaming from the car.

Leah Woodward says after her husband got the boy out of the car, he guided her on how to hold Killian’s injured head. Paramedics say Woodward held his head straight for over half an hour, a move that likely saved his life.

Killian is expected to make a full recovery. He’s eating, walking, and even sitting up by himself — all without surgery. A Go Fund Me page has been created for Killian and Brandy Gonzalez to help pay for medical expenses.

Happy National Best Friend Day!

Today is the day to show some love for the friends who stick with us though thick and thin. Social media is celebrating National Best Friend Day as users post photos and special stories with their “brothers from another mother” and “sisters from another mister”.

Who’s your best friend? Why do you love them? What’s the craziest fun thing you’ve ever done together? Celebrate and share your stories today!

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