Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen: Onion Rings

•    Vidalia Sweet Onions
•    Baking Powder
•    All-Purpose Flour
•    Salt
•    Dried Bread Crumbs
•    Milk
•    Egg
•    Vegetable Oil

1.    Crack an egg into a bowl
2.    Add milk and stir
3.    Add flour, baking powder, salt, and dried bread crumbs into another bowl that will have the dry ingredients
4.    Cut an onion into rings and smother the rings in the bowl of dry ingredients
5.    Then do the same in the bowl of liquid ingredients and mix
6.    Then put the onion rings back in the bowl with dry ingredients and smother again in the ingredients
7.    Fry the onion rings in a pan with vegetable oil at 375 Degrees
8.    Take out when finished cooking
9.    Eat and enjoy!

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