COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A special meeting was called by the Peach Little League board members Thursday evening in response to the Feb. 19 Lakebottom shooting.

One of the biggest items on their agenda is the safety of the children and adults in the park.

The meeting at Lakebottom Park opened the floor for city officials to address the recent violence that has made its way to Midtown. Over 60 people were in attendance, including Midtown residents and Little League parents. They had the opportunity to express their concerns following the shooting incident that shocked many.

Among those who addressed the meeting was Assistant Chief Debra Kennedy with the Columbus Police Department and City Councilor Walker Garrett who represents District 8. According to Councilor Garrett, the city has more than enough in its reserve fund to address issues like law enforcement retention.

“We have more than a triple-A rating with the amount of money we have in reserve, and then much more after that,” said Councilor Garrett. “And we’ve got to actually use that, give it to our officers, give them perks and make their jobs viable. Because the only people who are going to be patrolling the streets are the people who love this job.”

After the meeting, Midtown resident and mom to a Peach Little League player, Crystal Trawick, told WRBL the long-term initiatives are great, but immediate action is necessary so anyone can enjoy Lakebottom Park.

Crystal Trawick, Peach Little League Mom
“It’s very disheartening to know that during baseball practices now and things that these children would normally get to enjoy and have their childhood spent out here and again all communities in this area, now are having to worry about, someone shooting near them or someone shooting in the air,” said Trawick.

The City Council is set to have another meeting on March 14. Councilor Garrett encourages citizens to make sure they are on the agenda in order to address their concerns. He also said 6 additional deputies from the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office will be patrolling Lake Bottom Park at no additional cost to the Peach Little League.