COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – The executive committee for the Columbus Branch of the NAACP announced that it accepted the resignation of Wane A. Hailes as the president of the NAACP.

According to the Columbus Branch of the NAACP, Hailes decided to resign after serving for the past three consecutive years to “spend more time expanding his business as president/publisher of the Courier Eco Latino newspaper.”

“Serving as president of the Columbus branch of the NAACP has been a demanding and rewarding position,” Hailes said.

“Although I am stepping down, please be assured that as president/ publisher of the Courier Eco Latino newspaper, I will continue to strongly advocate for the rights and welfare of the African American community and racial justice issues.”

The Columbus Branch of the NAACP says effective immediately, Melvin Tanner, the current 1st vice president will take on the role and responsibilities of president for the remainder of Hailes term that expires in November 2024.