FORT BENNING, Ga. (WRBL) – Today was the day where we showed our Freddie Stowers Elementary School how to give back to our community.

We did this by way of running miles through our Run Ranger Run program. This is part of a story of a journey of an Army Ranger who came home from overseas after losing members in his units and felt a lot of struggles home.

After returning home, he learned he lost not only his men, but his wife and daughter who had moved back home to Indiana. Instead of giving up, he said he would show his emotion and struggle through running, which led to him running 565 miles in the month of February.

Folks chanted “Run Ranger Run” and he chose to support Gallant Few, a nonprofit which supports military members as they transition back to military life.

Today was successful, as 600 students ran and received a wristband for their completion and also helped to raise money through WRBL’s Run Ranger Run Team “WRBL Eye on the Prize.”

Saddle-up for success, Go Stallions!