COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office is rolling into neighborhoods and schools across Columbus this summer. The cornerstone of their new community engagement effort, is their new gaming trailer.

From Madden to Mario Kart, this gaming trailer is a joint effort to work on bridging the gap and building relationships between the Sheriff’s Office and the children of Columbus.

When the gaming trailer pulls into the neighborhoods of Columbus, families are excited and children are welcoming deputies with open arms, instead of running away in fear.

With three Wiis, two PlayStation Fives, and two Xbox Ones, the gaming trailer opens up the conversation by allowing kids to ask officers questions and exposing the human side of deputies.

“It just displays that we’re human as well. We’re parents also, and that we’re here for the children and to let them know that there’s nothing for them to be scared of.”

Corporal Albert Jones – Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office

This is all a part of Sheriff Greg Countryman’s mission to take the community back, while letting kids know they are cared for and giving them a way to get involved in the community.

“Just to see them smile and to let them let down and just enjoy it and to interact with law enforcement. That is a great thing. And I don’t think you can get a greater reward than seeing a smile on a precious young person’s face.”

Command Sergeant Larry Marshall – Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office

They say the key has been bringing the conversation to the table between kids and law enforcement. It’s a way for them to interact in a positive environment.

Deputies say, not only are kids and deputies benefitting, but so are parents. This gives kids an additional positive role model to look up to.